About Yael Abbey

My Mission

My mission is to help every women find her life purpose and to become powerful, healthy and vital by attracting all that she desires through exercising inside out. My goal is for all women to live a joyful and pleasurable life with direct connection to her most powerful area of life creation which will lead to longevity, health, youth, glowing skin, long lasting sexuality, and a beautiful, tight vagina.  

I want to open women up to the infinite possibility that sexual energy holds and make it accessible for use in daily life, as well as create a community of women where we support and endorse each other in business and creativity.

The mission of YAELA is integrating the materialistic world with the spiritual world in order to enjoy the playground of life and to use these tools in order to have a better journey without separation or need to choose.



Yael Abbey is the founder of YAELA where she shares the importance of kegel exercise using the all natural Es'sensual Gem Stones (also known as the Jade Egg Practice). Yael has many years of experience in the international fashion world.  Through her contacts in the fashion world she subsequently moved to Milan, where she worked as an assistant in a styling agency, working on styling models for television appearances.  From there, Yael was given an opportunity to work in styling production for Fashion TV in Los Angeles. She has been in New York for the last 13 years, where she has worked with fashion labels including Joseph and Jill Stuart.  Yael established her personal styling business in 2007 and had a broad base of clients both in the US and internationally. She works with celebrities and socialites as well as high profile clients   She attends fashion shows globally and traveled the world extensively. Yael has been practicing yoga for about 12 years and always had zest to more spiritual realms that she incorporated in her styling business.

Feelings of discontentment and lack of self love and desire to explore her true life purpose, Yael began exploring different ways of living, meeting new people and discovering new places and finally arriving at a unique island in Thailand which helped her to transform and tap into her true power.

Yael has been studying yoga intensively since 2010 with some of the greatest western teachers. She has learned a unique form of the 5 elements yoga that originated in Assam on the border of India and China. It is a combination of yoga and tai chi practices to help maintain the body on a daily basis, along with breathing exercises. She has been studying different method of movement meditation doing unique dancing cacao ceremonies and she is a certified theta healer. Yael has incorporated all of the very unique and easy practices with the Es'sensual Gem practice to create a very simple 3-5 min daily practice to get as much benefit as possible in a short amount of time.