The magnificent Es'sensual Gem practice contain the combination of the 3 most powerful dimensions of life- Body, Mind and Spirit. 



The Es'sensual Gem kegel exercise builds up the physical strength and sensitivity of the sexual organs, taking climax to a different level. This results in powerful, multiple, whole-body orgasms, rather than just the localized clitoral release generally experienced by most orgasmic women. It will also help women who struggle to climax to achieve release.

Beyond taking climax into new dimensions, the vagina’s ability to lubricate itself will also increase, improving sexual pleasure for you and your partner. The muscles of the vaginal wall are strengthened and rejuvenated, giving you a tight vagina. This increases sexual pleasure for both partners, by allowing you to grip better during intercourse.

Your increased sexual energy will add to your overall health, strengthening the immune system and calming the nervous system. Improved relaxation reduces the effects of stress. Women often hold trauma and other negative emotions in the uterus. With consistent kegel exercise with the Es'sensual Gemstones you can release negative feelings stored in the sexual regions. In the practice of reflexology, the vagina holds the point for many major organs: the heart, lungs, liver, spleen and stomach. The Es'sensual Gemstones kegel exercises strengthen the whole body. 



As well as physical health, the Es'sensual Gem kegel exercise also improves mental happiness. By training your vagina to be more responsive, sensitive and strong, your mind develops alongside your body, enhancing your daily life and helping you to discipline your thoughts and feelings.

While you have the gem inside, you give the mind something to hold on to. That brings your awareness and your attention into your body. When you are focused internally, it slows down the mind. You can't be in your vagina and think about your problems at the same time. ♥

This will create space in your thoughts. The physical discipline of exercising your vagina develops and strengthens the mind. You control your mind instead of the other way around! Holding the Es'sensual Gem in your vagina helps to ground you. It calms busy, compulsive, stressed-out thinking. A calmer mind has space to solve problems with the peacefulness and inner quiet achieved through meditation. Within this space lies new ideas, creativity, and healing.



After practicing for some months, your vaginal and pelvic floor muscles will become toned and you will be able to use your Es'sensual Gemstones during your daily activities. You will be able to keep it in your body for as long as you like! Having the Gem inside you helps to bring you into the present moment.

You will begin to feel constantly grounded in your body and connected to the core of your creativity.  Self-acceptance and your ability to truly love yourself will develop. You will feel more confident, both in your mind and in your body. You will start to feel lighter, sexier, and more desirable (after all, you're walking around with a secret in between your legs)! ♥

You will experience increased calmness, focus, and clarity of mind. You will cultivate more sexual energy, and start to feel more playful. You will even be able to awaken your Kundalini energy.

The Es'sensual Gemstones kegel exercise will provide increased energy and satisfaction that you can direct towards creativity, healing, and overall zest for life. You'll feel more in tune with yourself and the world around you.

The after-sex glow and confidence will seep into your reality. Feeling happier, content, and more confident in your body will help you to be aligned with your higher purpose and manifest your reality.

This is your secret to PussyPower!


A Taoist View of Women's Energy

Exerpt from the book Healing Love through the Tao: Cultivating Female Sexual Energy

"Sexual energy provides us with an extremely powerful means to attain rejuvenation and a higher spiritual energy. In ancient times, methods for working with sexual energy were regarded as top secret, especially the way to channel sexual healing energy. Textbooks such as The Handbook of the Plain Girl (a sexology book written thousands of years ago in ancient China by an unknown author) demonstrate various traditional positions for having sex and promoting healing. But these books do not show how to channel the energy. At the time The Handbook of the Plain Girl became available, the Taoist system of channeling energy was not available to the general public, but remained a secret taught only verbally to the emperor and a few others, who were not permitted to put it into writing.

We feel today that the time is right to teach people how to benefit from this transformed energy, or Healing Love, because many people misuse their sexual energy, hurting themselves and others. Our purpose in writing this book is to help people benefit from the channeling of this energy. Many couples have used the techniques described here; they are no longer mysterious and they are no longer only the province of Taoist masters. These techniques will help you conserve and multiply your sexual energy and can increase the possibility that you will experience what the Taoists call "beyond orgasm" (or valley orgasm) whenever you wish to."